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Ruffwood Coffee

Art.nr: RUFF0001
Vennligst velg

Ruffwood Coffee

Safe chewing stick
Made of branches of the coffee bean plant. Once a plant stops producing coffee beans, the branches are used to produce chew sticks for dogs.
So extra durable! 

- Safe
- Suitable for allergic dogs
- Healthy
- Natural product
- Strong and durable
- Without caffeine, calories and artificial additives

Harder than regular wood and splinter proof. Supports the natural cleaning of the teeth. The fibres released during chewing, have a stimulating effect on the dog's intestines. Furthermore, endorphins are released in the brain, resulting in a satisfied feeling.  

Country of origin

Small - 20 cm - ø appr. 4.2 cm
Medium - 22 cm - ø appr. 4.8 cm

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