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Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel Fashion

Art.nr: PETM21561
Vennligst velg

The unique Petmate kennel from America. Your pet can enjoy optimal visibility and ventilation through this unique design. Very easy to put together by metal bolts and plastic nuts. Doors are equipped with a spring clip which makes  escape impossible.

Made of sturdy, stylish heavy-duty plastic. The combination of steel wire and plastic provide extra strength, safety and visibility. The exterior of the soil is reduced so your pet does not lie in his own urine in an accident. Including feeding / drinking bowl for the kennel.



These kennels are specially made for traveling so your pet can be optimally transported. The Ultra Vario kennels are also accepted by most airlines  and it has more options to secure your kennel in flight or in the car.

Important: Petmate Kennels measure up to the IATA. (International Airline Transport Association)


  • Including feeding / drinking bowl for the kennel.
  • Made of sturdy yet stylish heavy-duty plastic.
  • Doors and vents are made of steel wire.
  • This kennel is perfectly suited to the training place in the house.
  • The Petmate kennels are eco-friendly and made in America!


Petmate is already 50 years the number 1 manufacturer worldwide of Kennels. If your looking for quality then this is the right kennel for your pet!

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